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The question was asked:

“I would love to hear somebody’s thoughts on Christmas music and how to plan for it within the music-and-worship area of the church. Basically, I know how to get Christmas music together and have people play it and sing it, but what can we do to give the Christmas season more impact?”

The answer to this question comes from CMI Pastor Joe Chiarelli who leads worship at Calvary Christian Center in Pennsylvania. Check out their church here.

With Christmas Day falling on Sunday this year, here at Calvary Christian Center, we are planning to have our 1 hour, “traditional” Christmas Eve Service – Carols, Candles and Communion. This family-oriented service gives us an opportunity to sing traditional carols, alternating with appropriate Scripture passages, and it allows us to incorporate either a vocal solo or a special song presented by our Kids’ Ministry “Stick Team.” The candles create a solemn, yet relaxed mood for celebrating communion, and the Pastor closes with a brief encouraging word for the family.[The time frame is: 6:00 pm to 7:00 or 7:15 pm]

I realize this may not help to answer what to do to give the Christmas season more impact, but our direction is to slow down the pace from the hectic shopping and planning and parties that fill many people’s schedules during the season, which cause them to hardly realize what they’re celebrating. This change of pace gives our Christmas Eve service the “de-stressed” atmosphere we want to give to our congregation.

This year, however, with Christmas Day falling on Sunday, music ministers are faced with finding appropriate music and “elements” to add to the service to make an impact. May I suggest that the greatest impact is to stay true to the Incarnation message. After all, it’s not the style of music or what video you incorporate into the service that matters. We want to connect with God, corporately AND individually. We need to focus on Him, giving Him the honor, the thanks, and adoration that He truly deserves. When that happens, our Christmas season will be impacted by God Himself!

What would you like to add? What are you doing to make this Christmas season extra special in your church?

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