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In Exodus 25, God established what he wanted in a worship service. Let’s take a look at three things God wants in Worship. These are reflections on notes that I took when I heard Jack Hayford speak on this subject.

God wants to dwell among us

In Exodus 25:8, God said, “‘Then have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them.’” (NIV)

The first “point of awesomeness” from this verse is that when God said “I want to dwell among you” – He didn’t mean it in an “atmospherical” sense. He meant literal. God was like, “Build me a physical house!” (much of this chapter and subsequent chapters describe how that house was to be built).

The second “point of awesomeness” from this verse is that God STILL wants to dwell among us – and STILL its not in an atmospherical sense. John 17:24 shows this quite clearly. The difference between then and now (the testaments), is that now God lives inside us. Our spirits are the tabernacle of God. When we worship, God is glorified!

God wants to meet with us

Exodus 25:22 specifically states that God wants to meet with us. Again, this is a good spot for a link to John 17:24. In my bible, next to that verse I have written in pen, “Holy Crud! God WANTS to be with me!?”

This seriously blows my mind.

God wants to speak to us

Also in verse 22, God said that he wanted to meet with us, to give us his commands.

Now let’s be honest… that kinda sucks – at least on the surface. To say that God wants to be with us is awesome. But then to find out that He wants to just tell us what to do? Let’s not have a sense of false-righteousness – nobody likes to relinquish their choices for someone elses. That’s not fun for anybody. But it’s what’s best for us. It’s just like a good father will make a kid who fell asleep with candy in his mouth get up and brush his teeth (or else his teeth will fall out!), our good Father will instruct us in how we should go as well.

I want to have the same joy that the Psalmist felt when he wrote about the word of God: “I rejoice in following your statutes / as one rejoices in great riches. / I meditate on your precepts / and consider your ways. / I delight in your decrees; / I will not neglect your word.” (119:14-16).

God, when we lead people towards you – we ask for Your presence to infiltrate our room. Meet with us, Father. And may we delight in Your commands – speak Your will to Your church.

One Response to "What Does God Want In Our Worship?"

  1. I love you, Adam! Thank you for your transparency. God really does want to be with us! What a joy if we would just hand control over to obey him! If he held the remote, would we watch as much tv? We might get the rest that we need.
    I called a guy today who hasn’t been in church…he said that I made his day! Sometimes God shows up big in the simplest little acts of obedience.

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